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Ras Sindoor for a better health and stronger immunity

immuneWe all know that prevention is better than cure but when it comes to boosting immunity most you fail to prevent diseases which are caused poor immune health. Now, you must be thinking is there any way to keep the immune system healthy or is it possible to make immune system strong?  The answer is yes, you can make your immune system strong and surprisingly, not through medicines. You can make your immune system strong through an Ayurvedic remedy and that is Ras Sindoor. This is an ayurvedic remedy which can cure your diseases and boost your immunity.

I know you must be shocked after reading about an Ayurvedic remedy and not about medicines. See, medicines are just going to give you instant relief. Medicines can’t cure any disease because it has its own limitations. Do you want only relief? Don’t you want to cure your disease of the root? If you want, you can use Ras Sindoor for better health and stronger immunity. By the end of this article, you will get to know about Ras Sindoor which can give various and many health benefits. So, let’s start our discussion and see which kind of health benefits Ras Sindoor can give.

Ras Sindoor for Health and Strong immunity

ras-sindoorRas Sindoor is a mercury based ayurvedic preparation which is very useful in treating many health woes. This is made from herbs and minerals and you can buy this remedy in a tablet and powdered form. It is used to improve immunity and strength. Apart from improving immunity and strength, it can cure many other diseases like it can be used in the decreased urine output, microbial infection on the dead surface, constipation and other diseases. There are many other diseases in which ras Sindoor can be used but those are not listed in this article.

ras_sindurRas Sindoor for health and strong immunity is the perfect cure for many diseases. This is the very effective in treating decreased urine output. It has antiseptic and disinfectant properties.  It can cure the skin disorders and for that, you can use its ointment. Apart from these it can cure skin infection, Vitiligo (loss of skin color), Hypercholesterolemia, Hyperlipidemia and many more.

Ras Sindoor for health and strong immunity is the ultimate cure which you can take for yourself. This is very helpful in reducing oxidative stress and lowers the high lipid levels of the body. You must be thinking what is this remedy which making this so potent in curing these types of diseases? It its ingredients which making this so potent so, let’s see how many ingredients contain this remedy?


ingredients..Shuddha Parada, purified mercury, shuddha Gandhak, Vatankura, Kupipakwa technique is a way by which this remedy is made from. These are some ingredients which make this remedy so potent. Take all the ingredients and put this in a kuppi (glass flask). The kuppi is filled with one-third with the mixture of minerals. Then cover the glass with cloth and let the kuppi dry. Now provide heat into three stages mild, medium and high. Remove the flask from heating and cool it down. This is how you can make Ras Sindoor for health and strong immunity at your home.

Apart from its ingredients, it is the ayurvedic treatment which makes this remedy so popular and trustworthy. Because Ras Sindoor is an important part of ayurvedic treatment, people trust on this more. Ayurvedic treatment is oldest survival treatment which is between us since many years. It is said that they believe that it is passed onto humans by God themselves. This treatment is focused on to cure the main root cause not just the pain or symptom.


dosageThis is most constructive and trusted remedy but still, it can cause side effects if you used this medicine in an improper way. First of all, you have to consult with your doctor if you are planning to use this remedy for better health and immunity, then you can use Ras Sindoor for health and strong immunity. You can consume 125 mg one to two times in a day, before or after meals with honey. So, from now on try to use Ras Sindoor for health and strong immunity and also if you have weak immunity, non-healing wounds, urinary tract infection and anemia like a problem.

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